Sunday, February 03, 2013

London Exploration (Part 4): London Eye, Big Ben and Winter Wonderland


If my blog's a human being, she'd probably slap me in the face right now. I didn't make a single post all throughout the month of January despite knowing that I could have fitted in an hour or two to post something. My new year resolutions met a tragic twist too. I believe they all ran away, jumped into a hole & buried themselves alive ._.

I'm currently typing this out  while listening to an Epic Music Mix of the Pirates of the Caribbean (I had to check the spelling for Caribbean lol). There's like this little bobble head Mozart in my mind doing the conductor's "head bang", ferociously swaying his arms in the air. This sort of cartoon-ish thinking; my mum has it too. 

Anyvvvays, I promised that I'd make a post about the next part of my London Trip (like anybody really cares :p). Regardless if you do or do not, I'll still post this cause although I'm quite a procrastinator, I actually like to see things get done sooner or later. I wouldn't really wanna post anything else in this blog until I finish up this London "series". 

I'm not gonna write much in this part, but I'll place captions below each picture. By the way, thank you for reading, if you actually are. I really appreciate it :)

Cause I'm actually David Blaine :p

This is how it looked like in the cable car. I'm guessing there were almost 20 people in it? Not too sure.

Just a view you'd see.

Like Tin & Nell's faces weren't funny enough, that dude just HAD to photobomb 
*laughing tears, in my mind*

After getting down from the Eye of London, my friends and I went to see this 4D Eye of London thingy (The sentence before has nothing to do with the picture above :p)
It was nice, but not as great as the one in Madame Tussauds :) 

I kinda like this pic for some reason.

This is probably my favourite one from the day. It's pretty grainy cause I used my phone camera. 
Oh yeah, I didn't get to snap pictures with my camera cause I honestly forgot that I left my camera's memory card in Nell's laptop. So I just had my camera without the memory card in it. So silly :p

Eye of London at night.

Let's sing the National Anthem :p

Aitte peeps, this next set of photos were taken the next day. My friends and I wanted to go to Hyde Park, and we unexpectedly, surprisingly, excitingly, found Winter Wonderland! :)

There were so many people! Ahaa, this time I didn't forget to bring my memory card for my camera :)

Lookie all the shtuff :')

My faaaaavourite! Wolf wolf! 
Wait. I think it's a bear :/

Wooden ties! Nifty! :p

Trust me, these vintage sign boards are to die for T_T

Mini Dutch pancakes with Nutella gracefully poured on top. Yummm :)

They had sooo many of this type of game stations. To enter, you would need to buy tokens and the tokens were damn expensive. Most of the super fun ones would charge you around 6 Pounds (Roughly RM36) per station. 


Nell & I thought of going on this ride but nahhh :p

Say hello to Fatty and The Beast. Hahaha :p

Yeappp, that's my diet -.-"

Which girl wouldn't take advantage of a mirror? :')

They had tonnes of roller coasters, and this was one of them. I think this one was out of service :p

The talking & singing moose head! He was hilarious! :p

This is huge compared to the snowman that Tin & I made in Cork :p

Another game station. I like how colourful this one looks.

More animal headgears! I want that grey wolf one! Somebody get that for me birthday please? *u*

On our way out :)

Actually there were just soooo many places in there that were so interesting to see but we were short of time cause we had to find a place to pray a.s.a.p. I spoke about game stations and rides over there and my friends and I did try out one. We went on one reaaaally nerve-wrecking death-defying ride which scared the bejabbers outta me. I was screaming the whole time because I thought I was gonna die. The end ._.

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